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    Promoting Human Development

    • AGEHI Resource Centre launched an indigenous initiative “alternative Perspectives on health & population-policy dialogues Initiative 2008.”

    • AGEHI Resource Centre launched its own production house in January.

    • SACHET Success fully completed the 1st Year of PPARH-Pakistan Program for ARH (Adolescent Reproductive Health) in collaboration with UNFPA for Chakwal. SACHET established 20 Youth Friendly Centers (10 for Girls and 10 for Boys) in 3 Thesils of District Chakwal.

    • A widely screened and appreciated documentary “Beyond Judgment” was produced by Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen with the technical support of AGEHI production house to highlight the complex issues of HIV , MSM and institution of marriage in Pakistan . This was a pioneering product in this particular area of AIDS Communication.

    • A documentary “From Khyber to Karachi” was produced by AGEHI Resource Center for FHI (Family Health International) to address problems of the long route truck drivers; their risky behaviors and sexual practices and effects of those practices on associated population .

    • Third RHIYA Summit(March 2007) was organized by SACHET with the support of UNFPA to share RHIYA experiences, good practices and to promote MDGs and ARH, at Islamabad.

    • Silver Ribbon movement to end dowry violence: SACHET-Pakistan observed 16- days of activism, to end violence against women from November 25-December 10, 2007. The campaign was launched to raise awareness and sensitization among people on the issue of dowry and violence against women& girls.

    • AGEHI Resource Centre in collaboration with UNFPA and Ministry of Women Development organized a two day National workshop on: “Communicating Gender in Print media” at Islamabad in December.

    • SACHET – Pakistan was elected as the focal point for Islamabad chapter of Pakistan Reproductive Health Network PRHN (Pakistan Reproductive Health Network) in December.

    • Youth Junction was held in District Chakwal and around 3000 people participated out of which, 1200 were young women and girls in December

    • 12 theatrical performances were organized under PRHB (Promoting Responsible Health Behaviors) on the issues of HIV/ AIDS , health awareness and violence against women during from January-February.


    • MIRAS-SACHET has added another unit on 5th May to mark the seven years of her existence.

    • Launch of World Bank's report, "Country Gender Assessment" in which FAD project was acknowledged as an effective advocacy effort for gender empowerment.

    • Managing “Women Friendly Spaces and Hammams" project, funded by UNFPA is initiated in District Mansehra.

    • AGEHI theatre group performed at World Social Forum, Karachi on March 21st. It was a shadow Play "Apnay Baitay key naam jou main paida na kar saki- Aik chitthi", which highlighted the problems of Pakistani women i.e. honor killing, violence and gender discrimination.

    • Second national FAD (Fight against Dowry) workshop for change makers of Fight against Dowry Advocacy Network was organized on July 10.

    • FADAN (Fight Against dowry Advocacy network) yahoo group was activated to provide an open forum for change makers to share their concerns regarding dowry violence and its correlated issues in Pakistan.

    • Second RHIYA (Reproductive Health initiative for Youth in Asia) youth summit was organized from 8-11 July at Islamabad.

    • AGEHI theatre group performed a theatre Play "Totay ki a'ala Taleem- Higher education of the Parrot" on July 09 at the occasion of Second RHIYA youth Summit.

    • SACHET initiated a series of seminars on “Islam & ASRH" at district Chakwal.

    • SACHET produced two books and brochures on seven reproductive health issues for UNFPA.

    • A Training Manual was developed on “Peer Education on ASRH"

    • SACHET got an opportunity to participate in the 17th South Asian Fund Raising Group-Workshop on "Fund Raising trends and techniques" held at Agrah, India.


    • A pilot study on street children and HIV/AIDS with UNESCO done in ten districts of Pakistan.

    • A project, “Towards progress: Beijing+ 10 Conference at UN, New York, USA" was done, which was funded by GEP (Gender Equity Program) and British Council.

    • SACHET developed advocacy packages on ASRH (adolescent Sexual and reproductive health)

    • PRHB (Promoting Responsible Healthy Behaviors) project at Islamabad was initiated in collaboration with PLAN Pakistan.

    • Successful completion of the Development & Implementation of BCC (BEHAVIOR CHANGE COMMUNICATION) Strategies & Interventions aimed at Adolescents/Youth in schools/colleges of Rawalpindi/Islamabad project.

    • SACHET adopted a regional training manual on HIV/AIDS for enterprise workers and facilitated a two day workshop at Islamabad.

    • Four provincial seminars in Multan, Hyderabad, Peshawar and Quetta were organized to sensitize people from different walks of life on the issue of Dowry violence. Around 15, 00 people were sensitized.

    • A shadow Play "Apnay Baitay key naam jou main paida na kar saki, Aik chitthi" depicting problems being faced by women in our society, was performed on international women's Day on March 08 at NIC Auditorium and the same play was also performed at AGEHI Training Hall in front of civil society representatives in the month of April.

    • First RHIYA (Reproductive Health initiative for Youth in Asia) Youth summit was organized.

    • AGEHI theatre group performed a shadow Play "Awaara" which highlighted the issues related to youth on May 24 on the occasion of first RHIYA youth summit at Hotel Best western, Islamabad.

    • A one day workshop on theatre & modeling techniques for the members of AGEHI theatre group and YAN (youth advocacy network) was conducted in December at AGEHI Resource Centre.

    • World AIDS day was commemorated in collaboration with FHI and other implementing agencies of the BCC project at Islamabad on Dec 08.

    • A skit titled" The Youth" depicting behaviors of our youth regarding their health was performed by young volunteers of AGEHI theatre group at the occasion of world AIDS day.

    • Training Manuals were developed on “Parenting skills", “Capacity building of Community Health Committees", “Community Health Workers", “Peer Education on HIV/AIDS", “BCC Survival Kit for Health practitioners", and on “Ethics of reporting in print media"

    • SACHET participated in an international training workshop on "CSOs Financial Sustainability; Resource Mobilization through Business Activities" held at Bangkok, Thailand.

    • Third conference on ASRH (Adolescent sexual and reproductive health) held at Kualalampur, Malaysia was also attended by SACHET Personnel

    • Participation in a consultative workshop on "HIV/AIDS & Families" at Thailand from 5-9 December on behalf of SACHET.

    • International Women health meeting in India was attended by SACHET representative from 18-36 September.


    • Development & Implementation of BCC (BEHAVIOR CHANGE COMMUNICATION) Strategies & Interventions aimed at Adolescents/Youth in schools/colleges of Rawalpindi/Islamabad project, was initiated in collaboration with FHI (Family Health International)

    • RHIYA (Reproductive Health initiative for Youth in Asia) project’s implementation started at District Chakwal.

    • First Youth Friendly Center (YFC) at Chakwal was established on August 01.

    • First one day national FAD (Fight Against Dowry) workshop for Focal persons of FADAN was organized at Islamabad.

    • A shadow Play "Hum Daikhain Gay" on the issue of Discriminatory laws and violence against women was performed on the occasion of national women's day on 12th of February at community centre Aaabpara, Islamabad.

    • A theatre Play "Marz se Nafrat aur Mareez se Dosti" on the topic of HIV/AIDS was performed in Islamabad on July 28.

    • Three theatre workshops and trainings were arranged for the members of AGEHI theatre group in this year.

    • World AIDS day was commemorated by organizing a Dosti Talent Show for the youth of rural and urban areas of Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

    • A platform of RHIYA youth junction was formed to provide an opportunity to the young people to come together and to share their views on reproductive health. First Junction was organized at Chakwal where 500 young boys and girls for the first time in history of Chakwal come together to highlight ASRH issues.

    • Training was conducted on KMS (Knowledge Management system" in collaboration with UNFPA.

    • A Training Manual was developed on Advocacy on ASRH.

    • Project coordinator, RHIYA project represented Pakistan as a team leader of Pakistani delegation on International Youth summit held at Sri Lanka on November 04.

    • An international one month training workshop on "Communication on HIV/AIDS" held at South Africa was attended by Project coordinator-SACHET.

    • An international Training workshop on "Monitoring on HIV/AIDS" projects at Bangladesh was attended by SACHET representative SACHET.


    • FAD (Fight Against Dowry) a TV Magazine Show by AGEHI Resource Center aired on PTV

    • Legal Rights Awareness Sessions Initiative Launched

    • SACHET ICT 4 Development Initiative under AGEHI Resource Center , launched

    • Khazeena / Dr A Q Khan Documentation Center goes on-line

    • Khazeena / Dr A Q Khan Documentation Center established.

    • SACHET organized and facilitated a first national workshop on the issue of Dowry in collaboration with Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan by inviting justices from all four provinces and other stakeholders related to judiciary and parliament by recommending certain changes in the existing dowry law.

    • An International youth conference on "Youth and promotion of Human development" was held at Islamabad attended by around 100 Delegates.

    • AGEHI theatre group presented two theatre plays "CHAT" & "Tamasha" in the International Youth Conference focusing on youth development and civic will and to highlight youthfulness and lesson the perceived gap vis-à-vis cultural differences between west and east

    • YAN (youth Advocacy network) was established to advocate young people’s sexual and reproductive health rights. Till now more than 200 young girls & boys are active members of YAN.

    • SACHET focused more of its efforts to improve sexual and reproductive health of people in its community development areas.

    • SACHET was selected through a competitive process to implement RHIYA (Reproductive Health initiative for Youth in Asia) project in Chakwal district, thus resulting in the first collaborative project with international donor agencies.

    • SACHET participated in the launching ceremony of RHIYA (Reproductive Health initiative for Youth in Asia) project at Bangladesh.

    • SACHET introduced communities to people living with HIV/AIDS by organizing a series of ten interactive theatre performances in Islamabad & Rawalpindi from 3rd to 9th December.

    • SACHET for the first time presented a theatre performance on HIV/AIDS titled "Dosti" at Islamabad club by targeting decision makers and influential stakeholders at the occasion of World AIDS day.

    • SACHET sent its employee to an international training workshop on "Advocacy on reproductive Health" held at Thailand from 17-31 August with support of LDM (Leadership development mechanism).


    • SACHET sent its first employee, on an international training workshop on " Connecting Women in Business" organized by British Council at Dhaka, Bangladesh from 3rd to 8th March.

    • SACHET Nama, first ever newsletter of Community launched

    • International Conference on Dowry, Dhaka

    • First ever Public service message on Dowry (Spot) on TV Networks

    • Seminar on Gender based Violence & Dowry, Lahore with Himmat Society, British Council and UNDP

    • Adopt A School Project Under SACHET Education Program launched

    • "Pakistan Pakistan", SACHET produced a documentary on 14th August

    • SACHET Community Development Program, Pathargarh launched.

    • FAD(Fight Against Dowry) Project Research presented in 3rd Annual PAP Population Research Conference


    • SACHET Computer Training Center inaugurated under SACHET Education Program , Shahdra village, Islamabad

    • SACHET Community Development Program Banigala launched

    • Skill Development Project launched under PACIG Program

    • SACHET web site launched (www.sachet.org.pk)

    • Skill Development Center Shahdra village, Islamabad launched under PACIG Program

    • Gender Watch won 10th PTV excellence award for best private production

    • SMiLe (SACHET Micro Enterpriser for Life Project) Launched under PACIG Program

    • Inauguration, Special Children Education Project, SACHET Computer Training Center, Alfarabi Canter, G-8, Islamabad

    • SACHET Computer Training Center, Banigala village, Islamabad established

    • SACHET Skill Development Center, Banigala village, Islamabad under PACIG Program established

    • First Issue of AGEHI Newsletter published

    • Launching of Training Project, under PACIG

    • Presentation of AGEHI Resource Center's Study Report " Violence against Women in Pakistan"

    • Inauguration, SACHET Community Development Program Ghagri Village, Islamabad.

    • Nutrition Initiative campaign launched at Shahadra Village, Islamabad.

    • "Environmental Friendly Organization" added to SACHET's profile because of its environmental friendly initiatives.

    • Starting Date of FAD (Fight Against Dowry) Project.

    • Launching of Video ' Gender & AIDS" under Gender Watch series, on the occasion of International AIDS day


    • A Manual was developed on Community health Education training

    • SACHET Community Development Program, Pinyali village, Rawalpindi

    • Community Health Educator's Training, Shahdra village Islamabad

    • SACHET Poverty Alleviation Cum Income Generation (PACIG) launched with inauguration of SACHET Gallery, Islamabad.

    • Community Mehfil (Assembly) Project launched

    • Skill Promotion Project under PACIG Program launched

    • SACHET Education Program formally launched with the start of Dr. A. Q. Khan Scholarship Project

    • AGEHI Resource Center, Established

    • Dare to Sensitize Train & Inform (DoSTI) Project launched


    • Inception of Organization

    • Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen appointed, Founder Executive Director

    • Gender Watch Pilot Series aired on PTV

    • SACHET Free Medical Camps Project launched

    • SACHET Community Development Program, Shahdra Village, Islamabad launched

    • Women Vision Project

    • SACHET Training Program launched

    • Communication Project launched


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