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    Gender and Electronic Media

    TV, radio, cinema, film are included in electronic media.

    In this program it has been shown that; what role it has play, what is its role and what role it should be played regarding gender issue.

    Screen Shot of Gender WatchElectronic media is the strong agent for bringing positive change. But it is not working well. Trend of electronic media is that no advertisement would be done without using women as model. Women are just taken as stereo type, just an object to entertain the people.

    The thing to be think is that what they try to show? Why they are not portraying the real character and role of women?

    On TV, presentation of glamour is increasing day by day. In dramas, they just show the glamour and luxurious life of the women of high society and the problems related to high society.

    Another thing is that mostly women are shown as weak and helpless human being as they can't do anything except of weeping on any matter of life. All such projections show women as an inferior class. So media is not paying its attention on constructive work. All these things lead to frustration and destructive thoughts. We can take the example of cigarette's advertisement in this reference. It is presenting as the symbol of glamour, adventure and masculinity, which is increasing the trend of smoking in not only boys and also the girls of high society.

    Objectification of women is founded too much in films. Audience started to fantasize such roles and characters. The real approach of life and respectable roles of women are being left away.

    Our movies are not at all playing a role in projecting real role model of female. They are not playing any role in solving gender problems but enhancing them. Mostly they emphasized beauty and physical appearance of females. They are just taken as a symbol of sexuality. Movies never put any positive impact regarding the role of women on the mind of people.

    Radio is some what plays better role in this context and having positive approach, but the problem is that radio is not as much popular as radio and TV. It is mostly listened in villages.

    So media should be more close to reality. It should project our own culture and cultural values. The people of our country need awareness, information and knowledge especially regarding gender issues. They need positive thinking that can be developed so smoothly and easily by the positive use of electronic media.


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