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    [ Gender Columns in Urdu ]

    • War, Peace And Gender
      18th November 2008
      [Dr. Rakhshinda Parveen]

    • A right to say no ?
      Pakistan, a strong law against the dowry system.....
      [Dr. Rakhshinda Parveen]

    • …….and miles to go before I sleep
      Pakistan, embedded in patriarchal customs, is governed by inequity, injustice, irrational, gender – policies, discriminatory laws and selective male-friendly interpretation of the dominant religion Islam. Western media habitually perceives and projects Islam as an anti-women religion.....
      [Dr. Rakhshinda Parveen]

    • Dowry A Socio cultural perspective
      Violence against women is a global issue. Women have always been oppressed and abused intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually....
      [Dr. Rakhshinda Parveen]

    • (Re) claiming our histories: A reflection on Women, Islam and Human Rights in Contemporary Muslim Communities
      This paper seeks to highlight selective use of the Islamic Legal tradition to the manifest disadvantage of Muslim women and their human rights in legally pluralist societies such as Pakistan. It attempts to offer the contours of a framework for (re) claiming our position as equal, legal person ( de jure and de facto) , exploring why and how certain milestones of Muslim history are glossed over or forgotten especially those with a potential to empower women...
      [Shaheen Sardar Ali]

    • Media Matters
      A quarter of the world consists of young people between the ages of 10-14 years. Of these 86 percent, live in developing countries. Pakistan currently has the largest cohort of young people in its history (25 million aged 15-24) and subsequent cohorts are projected to be even larger....
      [Dr. Rakhshinda Parveen]

    • Reproductive health:a challenge for the Muslim world
      Health, including sexual and reproductive Health (SRH), has different cultural perceptions and various determinants. Some crucial determinants of SRH include information, education, lifestyle, religion, region, law, gender roles, economy and political will...
      [Dr. Rakhshinda Parveen]

    • The fashion of poverty
      As anybody could guess, Prime Minister’s directive to discourage fashion shows not in consonance with Islamic values, Pakistani culture and heritage and norms of decency, has fomented a debate — open as well as covert. Religious-minded and conser ...
      [Dr M.S. Jillani]

    • Creating awareness
      Sometime ago, Wada Kitab Ghar published an informative booklet 'Law and we, the Women' in Urdu spelling out in simple terms 'where women stand in connection with the Constitution and law in Pakistan. The distinction of 'women' is made because in Pakistan certain laws are women-specific, and their circumstantial-applicability and then procedural ...
      [Mohsin S. Jaffri]

    • Women Health
      Throughout my life and my entire career, I have been deeply committed to women's health, both as a human right and as a development issue. My interest goes back to my early days in Pakistan....
      [Author: Dr. Nafis Sadik]

    • Gender and Health
      Health is a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well being and not merely the absence of disease; declares the World Health Organization (WHO). This implies that one of the most consequential determinants of Health is Gender....
      [Author: Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen]

    • Child Labour
      Like many other global trends, the child labour, which is, certainly at the top of the global agenda, once again has been adopted as a trendy agenda....
      [Author: Dr. Rakhshinda Perveen]

    • Bringing together the Rights to Livelihoods and Reproductive Health
      Pakistan is the second largest Muslim state and the seventh most populated country of the world and has had an unsustainably high rate of population growth (3.1 percent in 1981). Fortunately the preliminary results of the latest population census (1998) held after a gap of ...
      [Author: Khawar Mumtaz]

    • AIDS in the World: Present Situation and Prospects
      A little over 12 years ago, the scientific world was just learning of the emergence of a new disease, which at the outset, was far from being understood as the most serious pandemic that humanity has ever known. ....
      [Author: Abdourrahman Sow]

    • One more DOA - dead on arrival
      Adults worldwide can today look forward to a life-expectancy of 60 plus. But not young Pakistani women: they die like flies, daily, during childbirth...
      [Author: Syed Shershah]

    • Islamic Women in Science
      A thousand years ago, the Muslim World made remarkable contributions to science.
      [Author: Farkhonda Hassan]

    • Subcontracting and Globalisation
      Women incorporate the care economy into their daily work. A snap shot of the life of a woman worker in Peshawar outskirts, Meena, provides us with a idea of how women workers spend their daily lives.
      [Author: Saba Gul Khattak & Asad Sayeed]


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