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    Survival Kit Training Program

    Training Program of SACHET is directly implemented by AGEHI Resource Centre. Training itself is an activity, individual project and a strategy for SACHET.

    The program is entitled as “Survival kit”.

    The SURVIAL KIT is a series of one day training programs focusing on the most relevant and most important contemporary development issues. It is specially designed to meet the fundamental but the essential demand of knowledge by the development professionals and for filling up the knowledge and skill gaps.

    The workshops offered under this very informative yet creative program aim to unveil and enhance the competency of development professionals through a set of innovative approaches.

    Who needs a Survival Kit?

    If your Answer to the following queries is Yes then definitely You should have SACHET`s original survival kit.

    • Are you eager to learn? A development practitioner but busy and cannot afford to stay away from your work for many days?
    • Are you looking for an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills in minimum time?
    • Are you looking for thought stimulants?
    • Do you desire for possessing magical wands to demystify development challenges?

    Besides One –day, Survival Kit Training Programme, SACHET offers tailor made courses that responsd to clients’ need. Training programmes can be one to three day workshops.

    Select your own Survival Kit from the themes/topics given below:

    • Action in Emergency: Disaster Management
    • Behaviour Change Communication
    • Civic Enterprenuership
    • Communication Skills
    • Dare to Dream-Community Partnership
    • Enigma: All about gender
    • Gender Responsive Budgeting
    • Gender Watch;understanding gender in Pakistani context
    • Health Communication
    • Knowledge Management System Development
    • Masculinity-revisited
    • Media Advocacy
    • Media Matters- Gender based violence and responsible media reporting
    • Media Strategy Development
    • Men: Partners Not Masters; about Gender Equity
    • 9 to 5:Organizational Managementt
    • Peer Education Strategy
    • Quesera seraess Management
    • Reproductive Health
    • Spiritual Leadership for “dysfunctional” organizations
    • Strategic Communication
    • Theatre for change
    • Television Script Writing
    • Trauma Counseling
    • Unlimited -HIV/AIDS and its influence on development
    • Utopia- Sustainable and Sensible development
    • Win Win –Effective Conflic Resolution
    • Yell ,Tell and Sell-Advocacy Guide. The list is almost Endless


    Survival Kit Training Program

      C/o AGEHI Resource Centre
      Al-Baber Centre
      F-8 Markaz

    Internship project, In-house Capacity Building Project, External Training


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