DoSTI (Dare to Sensitize, Train and Inform about HIV/AIDS and other STIs)

Dare to Sensitize, Train and Inform – DoSTI is an advocacy project, and the goal is to promote awareness and sensitivity about sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.. SACHET strategy to impart knowledge about HIV/AIDS involves the use of print media, electronic media and interpersonal skills. We organize awareness sessions, workshops and seminars in Rawalpindi and Islamabad districts. For urban population, we organize special sessions in schools and colleges and provide information through interactive sessions. For rural audience of our service delivery areas of Shahdrah, Banigala, Pinyali, Gagri and Pathergarh, we educate and train peer educators among the villagers, besides arranging Mehfils or assemblies in our community development centers. The exclusive feature of Mehfils is that the information about HIV/AIDS is transmitted in commonly understood concepts of rural dialects. Using print media we disseminate information through brochures, newsletters, calendar and annual report.

100 trainings/workshops/peer education sessions have been conducted on the issue of HIV till March 2006.