Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How should I pronounce SACHET?

Saa’ Shay. or saa che’. It is a French acronym meaning mini-bag or pack. It can be pronounced as sachait meaning Truth.


What exactly is SACHET?

SACHET is a gender sensitive, welfare and development oriented civil society organization committed to genderize development in Pakistani context. SACHET is youth focused and community driven.


What is SACHET’s operational Area?

Our service Delivery has a specific operational area of Districts Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Chakwal , Gilgit Baltistan, Attock and their outskirts, but for the purpose of Poverty alleviation and advocacy SACHET’s interventions are meant for the entire Pakistan.


How can I approach you?

Go to our Contact Information section.


What can I donate?

Professional, Expertise
Material (sports goods, surgical instruments, medicines, books, stationary, computers, etc.)


Why should I be confident that my donations especially financial ones would be spent for a cause?

SACHET has a transparent financial management system. You would be kept updated in the information with regard to where, when, how, at whom, etc. your finances were spent. We regard your wealth as a sacred trust weighed upon us to be immediately transacted for a deserving fellow-being at grass-root level.


How would SACHET utilize me and my abilities?

Donate Time!

We invite volunteers from all over Pakistan. WE want to initiate dialogue to find realistic and feasible solutions to the termite like problems of Pakistan. For this purpose we would utilize your verbal and written skills to wake up the slumbered masses in your vicinity e.g. your campus, mohallah, street etc. To be short your surrounding would be made your operational area. SACHET would be your guide to hold brain storming sessions with the target group. Your work would be certified by our organization.

Students would be utilized in the education sector. Your are the builders of Pakistan in the next millennium. Often you have criticized the lack of opportunities for youngsters and even about the lack of wide range of Subjects. We realize that a teenager of today is more demanding because of exposure to the outside would. You as members of SACHET would be the representative of your age-group. Your ideas would be entertained to make things better.

Medical students would be absorbed in our targeted health sector activity. It would be a constructive clinical and practical experience for the students who are mostly exposed only to theory. Doctors are an asset for SACHET and it invites all those doctors who can be of any assistance either in cash or kind (including their expertise) to step forward and make our networking with them a reciprocal experience.

Both male and female volunteer would be utilized to update different dimensions and approaches to gender issue.

If you are an educationist, or a development worker you yourself can enter in to the exercise of exchange of comprehensible ideas with SACHET in dealing with the development issues in these sectors.


Does SACHET possess a feminist approach?

We are here not to preach the women to get oblivious of their sacred obligations towards humanity. We are here to equip them to deal with the present day situation more effectively. We talk about gender balance and not imbalance. Therefore pitching oneself against one gender to incline towards the other is against SACHET’s working principles