Our Identity

Caterers of Humanity, Promoters of Human Development
Society for the Advancement of Community, Health, Education and Training (SACHET) is a multi-dimensional, forward looking; gender sensitive and environmental friendly welfare cum development oriented organization.
STARTING FROM SCRATCH – SACHET emerged on the continuously expanding horizon of Pakistani CSOs, at the time when themes and resolutions adopted at CEDAW, ICPD &+5 and Beijing’s Platform for Action were gaining new watchfulness in South Asia and occupying central position in CSO activities. Launching another CSO with the slogan “For Pakistanis and By Pakistanis “and vision of human development of the disadvantaged with a gender perspective was not only challenging but also risky. The work, gender in a patriarchal society is perceived as an imported agenda item. Our entry in this area not only raised suspicions among orthodox patriotic circles, but some self-appointed custodians of society also felt threatened. Our journey has been and is following a rocky pathway. However, in spite of limited resources, we continue to possess limitless determination to move ahead at a steady pace.
By the grace of Allah, our sincere approach enabled us to record some tangible progress in our immediate environs. We have used quantitative as well as qualitative indicators to gauge our success. Some of them are community acceptance, community empowerment, stakeholders’ participation, popularity of the word and concept of gender and utilization of our services in defined areas of health, education and poverty alleviation cum Income generation.
SACHET seeks to provide social development, primarily in low-income localities, by investing in health, education, poverty alleviation, income generation skills, human resource and rural development. Grantees and beneficiaries are selected without regard to race, religion and political persuasion.
SACHET is registered in Islamabad under the voluntary social welfare agencies, registration and control ordinance, 1961. We are an organization visionary of welfare and development and on a mission to serve humanity. The organization’s name reveals its interest areas. We, through catering for the community’s basic needs in Health, Education and Training, with deep conviction are looking forward for a sustainable Developmental process to take roots from SACHET’s platform.
Having the spirit to devotedly extend the ‘deserving’ something fruitful and beneficial both in the short and long term, Dr. A.Q. Khan gave his well conceived brain child a material reality in May 1999. The monogram transformation from SACHE (Society for the Advancement of Community, Health and Education) to SACHET (Society for the Advancement of Community, Health, Education and Training) was specifically done to embrace the productive entity of Training. The training of target community and that of the trainers was realistically comprehended as a pre-requisite to successful interventions in Health and Education sector.
‘SACHET’ meaning ‘mini pack; of support and facilitation, is a promise which is feasible and has a probability level of being kept. The reasoning behind this approach is that we sense, perceive and interpret human beings, their emotions as well as their expectations, through a realistic prism. This is the reason why we say we serve humanity by promoting human development.

Nay to Dependence

We are Donor-friendly but not Donor-driven. Hence we rely more on the indigenous resource base. If the significance of developing the internal resource base is conveyed at grass root level it should be upheld, and practiced by the preaching agencies too.
We are consciously preventing the recently developed culture of Top-Down approach within the proponents of Bottom Up approach. We respect our foreign well-wishers who are contributing and donating so much at the grass root level of Pakistan. Simultaneously we are particular not to get donor dependent and only be facilitated by it.

Instituting Gender

Our gender sensitivity gets efficiently conveyed to the one visiting the organization. We extend the best possible and the most comfortable working environment to our female and male employees.
The architecture of the organization parallel encourages communication between both genders and also the observance of their respective privacy during office hours.
We have a woman President that ensures the female representation at leadership and decision making level.

Committing a Hand to Serve Humanity

An Organization for Pakistan by Pakistanis

Our outright development approaches can be stated with deep conviction that we are here to deliver optimism to the dispossessed group.
In this regard the baseline information of the target communities has already been accumulated. We due to our belief in community organization and involvement as a precondition to community participation have even utilized opinion makers for the attainment of our objective in many communities. Due to this, SACHET found people as very receptive to our supporting hand. All our activities in and outside the office are reflective of this. Primarily our activities are focused on the basic needs of the disadvantaged people. The development programs of SACHET reflect our pace, purposefulness and promises.