Health Program – RAH (Responsible Actions for Health)

RAH (Responsible Actions for Health)

RAH (Responsible Actions for Health) is the Health Program of SACHET. RAH is the largest program area of SACHET. RAH when written and pronounced in Urdu means the path. Education/ Khazeena, Poverty alleviation cum Income Generation (PACIG) and Training/survival kit are support program areas. DSC05456

SACHET has adopted the holistic interpretation of health, which goes beyond medical/curative models and includes Health promotion, advocacy, research, training, community involvement and outreach services, poverty issues and education.

All Programs are implemented through different projects which are Community based and community driven. Projects with tangible services, situated in rural areas are categorized as service delivery projects and are together, well-known as SACHET Community Development Programs (SCDP).

SACHET Community Health Centers
Community Mehfils
SACHET Diagnostic Center